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Your annual wellness exam will cover a physical exam by your doctor, which is tailored to your age, gender and risk factors.  Your annual may include bloodwork, and other tests.  Routinely, your healthcare professional will also check your weight, height and blood pressure.

Sick Visits

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Sick visits require you to call in for a visit to your family physician, to address a new or worsening symptom or health complication, that might be urgent. You should schedule a same day sick visit when your symptoms begin, to address an acute condition or injury.  Emergencies, however, must be seen in the Emergency Department, or call 919 immediately.

School Physicals

School Kids

School physicals are wellness check-ups that are required by schools prior to entry into a new school/college or a new school year. It may also be required in order for a student to participate in sports and other activities. Children and teenagers should see their doctor yearly, and vaccines should be up to date.

Health Certificates for Work

Working from Home

A physical exam for work assures companies that a prospective employee is physically and mentally capable of fulfilling a responsibility on the job. Generally it includes checking vital signs and overall health.  The health certificate may require certain tests, depending on the type of job.

Nutrition Counseling

Mental Health screens

Diabetes and Hypertension Management

Healthy Meal

Nutrition counseling is personalized to your budget and health needs, and your doctor will help you make healthy food choices and form healthy eating habits.

Female Patient

Mental health screens examine your emotional health, and well-being.  Once screened, your doctor can help you recognize your positive coping mechanisms in order to avoid distress, depression and anxiety. 

Intensive Diabetic Care For Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Persons living with diabetes can live normal lives by receiving personalized management goals.  These goals include healthy eating habits and exercise goals.  Your doctor can create a plan for you.

STD screens


Preventative Medicine

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Your physician will test for the common STD’s including Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Trichomonas, Hepatitis B, HIV, Syphylis, Herpes, and talk about safe sexual practices.

Sexually active individuals should be concerned about STDs. Your physician will encourage you and your partner to know your status for the common STDs.  Counseling, and prescriptions will be provided if needed.


An ECG is recommended to view heart activity for a baseline, especially for those over the age of 40 years, if a patient is complaining of chest pain or is at risk of heart disease.  The test is painless and takes about 10 minutes.

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Your healthcare professional will discuss ways to prevent chronic illnesses, as well as improve your health and overall well-being through lifestyle changes and complying with doctor’s orders.

Life Coach Available

Support Group

Coach will educate, motivate, and provide ways for you to improve your health, relationships, career and overall life.

Certified Addiction

Counselor Available

Spring Fashion

There are many addictions, icluding food and drugs.  Your Counselor will explore the reasons for your addictions and work with you to better understand "you", in order to help with your recovery.

***Lab and Pharmacy on site***

Better health starts with you! 

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Personal Trainer Available


Your personal trainer will personalize your workout with self-defense training, back stretches, back massages and more...

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